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1. Nananvati, the accused at the time when he committed the murder of Ahuja was second in command of the Indian Naval Ship. He married Sylvia, his wife in 1949 and has three children. Because of his service the couple after the mairrage had to shift to different places. Finally they shifted to Bombay. 2. The couple in Bombay through a common friend met the deceased Mr.Ahuja who had an Automobile business in Bombay. Ahuja was unmarried. Nanavati because of his service on the ship had to frequently leave Bombay leaving behind his family. 3. Ahuja and Sylvia became good friends and gradually their friendship turned into an intimate relationship. On April 27, 1959, Sylvia confessed to her husband Nanavati about her and Ahuja’s illicit intimacy 4. Nanavati was charged under section 302 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. The trial court convicted him under Section 304A of IPC and later under an appeal the high court converted it into S.302 of IPC.

Judgement :

It was held by the court that the conduct of the accused clearly showed that the murder committed by him was a deliberate one and the facts of the case do not attract the provision of Exception I of section 300 of IPC as the accused by adducing evidence failed to bring the case under General Exception Of IPC .Therefore, as a result, the court convicted Nanavati under section 302 of IPC and sentenced him of Imprisonment for Life.