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The Sale of Goods Act is a part of Indian Contract Act. It came into existence on 1 July 1930. It is a contract whereby the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the property in the goods to the buyer for price. It is applicable all over India, except Jammu and Kashmir.


Applications of provisions of act 9 of 1882.-sale and agreement to sell- contract of sale how made.-goods perishing before making of contract.-goods perishing before sale but after agreement to sell.-ascertainment of price.-agreement to sell at valuation.-stipulations as to time.- condition and warranty11111-when condition to be treated as warranty.-implied undertaking as to tile, etc.-sale by description.-implied condition as to quality or fitness.-sale by sample.-effects of the contract-goods must be ascertained.-property passes when intended to pass.- specific goods in a deliverable state.-specific goods to be put into a deliverable state.-specific goods in a deliverable state, when the seller has to do anything thereto in order to ascertain price.-sale of unascertained goods and appropriation.- reservation of right of disposal.-risk prima facie passes with property.-sale by person not the owner.-sale by one of joint owners.-sale by person in possession under voidable contract.-seller or buyer in possession after sale.-performance of the contract-duties of seller and buyer.-payment and delivery are concurrent conditions.-delivery.-effect of part delivery.- buyer to apply for delivery.-rules as to delivery.- delivery of wrong quantity.-installment deliveries.-delivery to carrier or wharfinger.-risk where goods are delivered at distant place.- buyer’s right of examining the goods.-buyer not bound to return rejected goods.- buyer not bound to return rejected goods.-liability of buyer for neglecting or refusing delivery of goods.-rights of unpaid seller against the goods-“unpaid seller” defined.-unpaid seller’s rights.-seller’s lien.- part delivery.-termination of lien.-right of stoppage in transit.-duration of transit.-how stoppage in transit is effected.-effect to sub-sale or pledge by buyer.-sale not generally rescinded by lien or stoppage in transit.-suit for price.-damages for non-acceptance.-damages for non-delivery.-specific performance.-remedy for breach of warranty –repudiation of contract before due date.- interest by way of damages and special damages.-miscellaneous exclusion of implied terms and conditions.-reasonable time a question of fact.-auction sale.-in contracts of sale, amount of increased or deceased to tax to be added or deducted.-.savings.-