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provision to assist the litigants who failed to do an act within the prescribed time period as originally fixed under the various enactments. For example a litigant who failed to file an Appeal before the superior courts within the permissible time period as originally fixed then he can file it after the expiry of the prescribed time period provided he has to shown “sufficient cause” for non-filing the Appeal within the time period. Likewise while running a case either before the subordinates’ courts or any superior courts; the litigants have to file necessary applications under various enactments for smooth running of the case, but such an applications has not been filed in-time then he can file it latter on provided he has to shown “sufficient cause” for late filing of the same.


Short title, extent and commencement – definitions:- limitation of suits, appeals and applications -bar of limitation-expiry of prescribed period when court is closed –extension of prescribed period in certain cases –legal disability –disability of one of several persons –special exceptions –continuous running of time –suits against trustees and their representatives –suits on contracts entered into outside the territories to which the act extends –computation of period of limitation-exclusion of time in legal proceedings –exclusion of time in cases where leave to sue or appeal as a pauper is applied for – exclusion of time of proceeding bona fide in court without jurisdiction –exclusion of time in certain other cases – effect of death on or before the accrual of the right to sue

effect of fraud or mistake – effect of acknowledgment in writing – effect of payment on account of debt or of interest on legacy –effect of acknowledgment or payment by another person –effect of substituting or adding new plaintiff or defendant – continuing breaches and torts – suits for compensation for acts not actionable without special damage –computation of time mentioned in instrument – acquisition of ownership by possession-acquisition of easement by prescription –exclusion in favour of reversionary of servant tenement –extinguishments of right to property –part 5 – miscellaneous- amendment of certain acts. (repealed)savings – provision for suits, etc., for which the prescribed period is shorter than the period prescribed by the indian limitation act,1908 – provision as to barred or pending suits, etc. – repeal –schedule – period of limitations-division i – suits-suits relating to accounts-suits relating to contracts-suits relating to declarations- suits relating to declarations.-suits relating to immovable property-suits relating to movable property- suits relating to torts- suits relating to trust and trust property-suits relating to miscellaneous matters-suits for which there is no prescribed period