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The Special Marriage Act, 1954 is an Act of the Parliament of India enacted to provide a special form of marriage for the people of India and all Indian nationals in foreign countries, irrespective of the religion or faith followed by either party. The Act originated from a piece of legislation proposed during the late 19th century.

(Ps&A) deals with the following provisions of the special marriage act:

Conditions relating to solemnization of special marriage, Notices of intended marriage, Marriage Notice Book and publication, Objection to marriage, Procedure on receipt of objection, Powers of Marriage Officers in respect of inquiries. Procedure on receipt of objection by Marriage Officer abroad, Declaration by parties and witnesses. Place and form of solemnization, The marriage may be solemnized in any form which the parties may choose to adopt:, Certificate of marriage, New notice when marriage not solemnized within three months, Registration of marriages celebrated in other forms, Procedure for registration, Appeals from orders under Sec. 16, Effect of registration of marriage under this Chapter, Effect of marriage on member of undivided family, Rights and disabilities not affected by Act. Succession to property of parties married under Act, A. Special provision in certain cases, Restitution of conjugal rights, Judicial separation, Void marriages, Voidable marriages, Legitimacy of children of void and voidable marriages, Divorce, Divorce by mutual consent, Restriction on petitions for divorce during first three years after marriage, Re-marriage of divorced persons, Court to which petition should be made, Contents and verification of petitions, Proceedings to be in camera and may not be printed or published, Duty of Court in passing decrees, Relief for respondent in divorce and other proceedings, Alimony pendente lite, Permanent alimony and maintenance, Custody of children, Appeals from decrees and orders, Enforcement of decrees and orders, Application of Act 5 of 1908, Special provision relating to trial and disposal of petitions under the Act, Documentary evidence, Power of High Court to make rules regulating procedure, Saving, Penalty on married person marrying again under this Act, Punishment of bigamy, Penalty for signing false declaration or certificate, Penalty for wrongful action of Marriage Officer, Penalty for wrongful action of Marriage Officer, Marriage Certificate Book to be open to inspection, Transmission of copies of entries in marriage records, Correction of errors, Power to make rules.