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The objective of the Industrial Disputes Act is to secure industrial peace and harmony by providing machinery and procedure for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes by negotiations. This act deals with the retrenchment process of the employees, procedure for layoff, procedure and rules for strikes and lockouts of the company

(Ps&A) deals with the following provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act

Dismissal, etc., of an individual workman to be deemed to be an industrial dispute.-Authorities Under This Act.-Works Committee.-Conciliation officers.-Boards of Conciliation.-Courts of Inquiry.-Labor Courts.-Tribunals.-National Tribunals.-Disqualifications for the presiding officers of Labor Courts, Tribunals and National Tribunals.-Filling of vacancies.-Finality of orders constituting Boards, etc..-Notice Of Change.-Notice of change.-Power of government to exempt.-Reference Of Disputes To Boards, Courts Or Tribunals.-Reference of disputes to Boards, courts or Tribunals.-Voluntary reference of disputes to arbitration.-Procedure, Powers And Duties Of Authorities.-Procedure and powers of conciliation officers, Board, courts and Tribunals and National Tribunals.-Powers of Labor Court Tribunal, and National Tribunal to give appropriate relief in case of discharge or dismissal of workmen.-Duties of conciliation officers.-Duties of Board.-Duties of courts.-Duties of Labor Courts, Tribunals and National Tribunals.-Form of report or award.-Publication of report and award.-Commencement of the award.-Payment of full wages to workman pending proceedings in higher courts.-Persons on whom settlements and awards are binding.-Period of operation of settlements and awards.-Commencement and conclusion of proceedings.-Certain matters to be kept confidential.-Strikes And Lock-Outs.-Prohibition of strikes and Lockouts.-General prohibition of strikes and Lockouts.-legal strikes and Lockouts.-Prohibition of financial aid to illegal strikes and Lockouts.-Lay-Off And Retrenchment.-Application of sections 25C to 25E.-Definition of continuous service Definition of continuous service.-Right of workmen laid-off for compensation.-Duty of an employer to maintain muster rolls of workmen.-Workmen not entitled to compensation in certain cases.-Conditions precedent to retrenchment of workmen.-Compensation to workmen in case of transfer of undertakings.-Sixty days' notice to be given of intention to close down any undertaking.-Compensation to workmen in case of closing down of undertakings.-Procedure for retrenchment.-Recovery of moneys due from employers under this Chapter.-Effect of laws inconsistent with this Chapter.-Re-employment of retrenched workmen.